100 Women Who Care About Long Island Membership

I’d like to invite you to join me as one of 100 Women Who Care about Long Island, to make an immediate, sizable  and positive impact in our community.

When I first learned of 100 Women Who Care, I was inspired by the simplicity and elegance of the concept. Knowing how difficult it is for local non-profits to raise the funds required to carry on their work, and how easily even the best volunteer’s intentions can be thwarted by today’s busy schedules, 100 Women Who Care seemed to be the perfect solution.

I decided to organize a chapter of 100 Women Who Care here on Long Island so that we can have a transformative impact here in our own backyard. When you donate $100 to a charity, you often wonder if you’re actually making a difference. When 100 people donate $100 at the same time, the group accomplishes collectively what few of us could on our own. A $10,000 donation can enable a charity to complete a project or attain a goal that had been out of reach.

What an impact! And it only takes one hour.

Here’s how it works:

  • We meet four times a year, for one hour each time, to nominate worthy charities
  • Any member of the group can nominate a local charityThree nominations are chosen at random, and after a brief presentation by the nominating member, the members vote on which charity to support
  • Everyone writes a $100 check, on the spot, directly to the winning charity

That’s it! No event planning, no committees, no raffle prize solicitation, no telemarketing, no volunteering – just a group of charity-minded women working together to give back to our own community.

I know that everyone gives in their own way to their favorite charities. You may already be doing something that works for you. But if you think you might be one of 100 (or even more) women who wants to band together to support our Long Island non-profits, I’d love to have you join us.

Help our local charities, make some new friends, have fun.  JOIN US!

The power of 100 women having a local impact … 100 Women Who Care about Long Island!


Tracy Lobdell
Founder, 100 Women Who Care about Long Island