Presentation Guidelines

Spend a few minutes planning your presentation for maximum impact ….

Consider incorporating the points below into your presentation – but remember, you only have 5 minutes!

  • Start with a compelling opening statement … ”118,500 children on Long Island face hunger on a daily basis…”
  • Introduce yourself and the name of the organization you would like to receive the funding
  • Share the organization’s mission
  • Describe the program that you would like funded, and provide some background information, if possible
  • Identify who the funds will impact, and how many people it has served, and how many will be served by this donation
  • Tell how essential this program is, and what our community will miss if this program does not get funded
  • Share what this donation will “buy” for our community
  • Explain the measurements that will be used by the charity to ensure the success of this program, and make the best use of the donation
  • End with a heartfelt request and a thank you to your fellow members for their consideration

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